A Welfare to Work Program that Works

They sat down one day and thought of all the excuses people use not to go to work. Everything including not having an alarm clock, job training, transportation and food. They covered every base to the point where they presented it to the United States Senate for possible implementation.

It was presented on the floor of the Senate by Rep. Pete V. Dominici (R) from New Mexico and debated.

Public School Television

Made for High School Broadcasters

Kevin and Dayna took a group of ITFS, FCC licenses and help build a television network for a public school system. The intent was to have the station make money by leasing three of the channels it was licensed for to the local cable company for their expansion and in return, they helped with equipment to build the first station.

The intent was to have the other high schools feed their stories to the hub transmitter and over to the cable company. The hub transmitter could also download satelite programming because Kevin and the school move three steerable satelites into place for that operation. This was done at no cost to the school district and they actually made money from this endeavour.

Five Points Educational Foundation

A specialty school

Their most ambitios endeavour was to form a Foundation to open a private school specializing in metaphysical science. They researched locations where they could make the best impact, came up with a business plan, and formed the Foundation.

Their goal was to start off small with a small Board of Directors which they had in place, a location where they could get the most students, which they had and an actual school. Kevin was writing up the grants for the purchase of the school when Dayna passed away. That project remained unfinished and he refuses to re-open it.

These Projects and Many More

From Conception to Completion

From start to finish they worked to ensure a quality product and a satisfactory outcome. Most of their work, even down to printing was done internally so they could keep control of the outcome, the timelines and especially, the cost.
If there was ever a problem, they worked to correct the situation at no additional cost to the client and working to keep timelines intact. They new sometimes that time was of the essence especially when deadlines from outside entities were involved.