To describe Dayna in a few words would be impossible. She was a professional student who wanted to learn everything about science. She had a Masters Degree in Anthropology and was a staff Archaelogist at Fort Bliss Texas along with an Archaeologist for the Bureau of Land Management. She also worked with the FBI and was the German Laison during the Desert Sands war games.

Working with Kevin, she kept him on track and went with him to his business meetings mostly sitting back with him, listening to the "pitch" as he put it. Afterwards, he would always tell her he loved her and he would buy her dinner. She finally was a High School Teacher in Las Vegas Nevada until her death in 2011.

Dayna also owned the Blue Dragon line of lotions, incense, candles along with being partner in Kevin's Wizzard Group taking over the partnership when his mother died in 1995. Kevin and his mother founded the company in 1990.


Dayna once told someone that Kevin could figure out a person in less than five minutes. If he believed in a cause, he was totally on board. Kevin did many things like outline a State Educational Television Network to writing grants in record time because someone found one at the last minute.

You could find him either in the classroom, in his home office, or even on the top of a roof taking care of things. He is a "no nonsense" kind of person who is happy to meet with just about anyone and will decide on if he's with you on a project in a matter of minutes. To him, first impressions are everything.

Ecletic yet Down to Earth

Even though their ideas were ecletic, their business attitude was strictly down to earth. From conception to completion, they worked to ensure a quality product. Usually, they worked on things, published things, made things by themselves to ensure everything was the way it should be without outside interference or influence.

From lotions to publications for presentations, they did everything and if they didn't have the material to get things done, they either bought it or came up with a suitable solution. They built projects from the ground up much like a storm can produce a rainbow.