I look quite a bit different over the years and the age is really starting to show. Last week, after almost five years of working up to it, I decided to take my first post surgery road trip, alone. Yes, I put my computers and a suitcase in the car and decided to hit the… Continue reading Surprise!

The Preacher

Steve Martin said this line in Leap of Faith “A town this deep in the crapper’s got nowhere to turn but God!”  I knew a preacher who would listen, talk and give advice but not in a way that was  obtrusive.  We would sit and talk about things like God’s plan which I said was… Continue reading The Preacher

Pros and Cons

We’ve all experienced it.  We’ve all had to make a decision based on our knowledge of the situation at the exact moment.  Some are inconsequential like what kind of car to buy but there are some that eventually become life or death decisions and can weigh on a person for a long time.  How far… Continue reading Pros and Cons

The changing landscape

The days of going to the store are now a thing of the past.  Places like Montgomery Ward, Service Merchandise, Kmart, Woolco, and yes, even the mighty Sears are gone forever. Their are no more catalogs for spring, summer, fall and yes Christmas.  The Christmas catalog was especially used around the house by the kids… Continue reading The changing landscape