Professionally Strange

What does that mean? Dayna and Kevin didn't care how much integrity their was in the job because they brought it with them. Whether it was something small or large, they gave it their full attention and didn't stop until the job was done.


If they were passionate about something, it got their full attention


With fresh ideas and the way to get the job done, they were quite formitable when it came to satisfaction of a client.


They didn't rely on Social Media. They were liked for their work through word of mouth. When someone was satisfied, they told their collegues and friends.

Family Business

There wasn't a corporate Board of Directors. When you met with them, you knew what you were getting before the meeting was done. From conception to completion, they stayed within their family to ensure quality for your project.

Free Support

After the job was done there usually are questions or things to iron out. That was all inclusive with their proposals. When they submitted their proposals for approval, the price was firm and the timeline absolute. They knew time was money and didn't waste resources.


Their business practice was simple. They treated you the way they wanted to be treated themselves. When they sat down, there was no beating around the bush. They would either accept the project or walk away after the meeting. Kevin usually paid the lunch bill.