Total opposites doing some remarkable things in life. From helping the homeless to building a Television Network, Dayna and Kevin didn't back away from a challenge

Projects that made a difference.

  • Distance Education
  • Video Production
  • Business of the Internet
  • High School Forensic Science
  • Microsoft Office
  • HTML Creation
  • WordPerfect
  • Photoshop
  • Environmental Science
  • Archaeology
  • Anthropological Science
  • Criminal Justice

Tangibles for education
  • Satellites for schools
  • Educational Television Network
  • Welfare to Work
  • Curriculum Development

Retraining, Customized Courses, Educational Material, they did it all.

Kevin got angry one day because printing places were not only expensive, but closed when he needed them. He talked to Dayna and they agreed that projects done "in house" from start to finish would be the best way to go because, they could control the content, the quality and work when they wanted to work on things.

Not only did they have printers and scanners working all hours of the day and night, they were able to bind books, create brochures, and pretty much accomplish what needed to be completed without leaving their home office.

Whether it be something custom for physically/mentally challenged individuals or educational materials for a specific program, Dayna and Kevin created educational materials and programs to fit just about any computer or science need. From creating educational materials to the construction of a television network, Dayna and Kevin never backed away from a challenge and almost always got the job done under budget and well within the time frame for completion.

How they approached a project was no secret. Dayna and Kevin listened to the people who wanted something done, sat and thought about it then discussed the possible outcomes. They drew up an outline of how things would eventually end up (hopefully) and made their decision. When it came to distance education, environmental impact on private and public lands, or training the trainers, they came up with solutions that were usually out of the box which made them, professionally strange but effective.

Courses for Schools
  • City Government training
  • Federal Government awareness
  • County training
  • Gang and troubled kids
  • Welfare to Work

From classrooms to the trenches

Kevin got his start working with County employees for the betterment of their clients. The clients were anyone from troubled youths to battered women. The design of his customized training programs were such that anyone could learn from his materials.

Unlike others who just modified an existing book, Dayna and Kevin created everything they did from scratch. They listened to their clients to get a firm grasp on what was needed and if the client didn't know what they wanted, they created a "mock-up" of their ideas for approval. Their philosophy was that the client paid the bill so they were going to give the client what they wanted.

Dayna worked with Government on environmental and cultural issues which was her specialty while Kevin developed materials not only for computer education but for what Dayna was doing. Books, handouts, files or whatever else was needed was created in house to ensure everything worked as it should.

Over the years, Kevin worked with at risk kids, physically/mentally challenged people, in battered women's shelters and in the classroom. He's helped people write resumes, become confident behind the keyboard and helped people gain employment so they could become self sufficient.

Everything from Building your own Computer to Environmental protection, Dayna and Kevin covered a broad range of topics. On-site and classroom subjects were covered the way the client wanted them, when the client wanted them.